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Jason I.

First and most importantly, we are breeders first. We are not a pet store. We are breeders who sell for other breeders-- so we prefer to set private appointments with 24 hours notice & our application filled out. We happily do things MUCH DIFFERENT than a pet store would. We can show up to 3 puppies per appointment and we have you sanitize your hands before and after viewing each puppy. Health is our #1 priority and it always will be so we limit how much the pups are handled by outside hands. Many people ask the normal questions about where our dogs come from, how we got started, etc. I started off as a breeder myself (French Bulldogs & Yorkshire Terriers), however after years of fellow breeders asking me to do their pictures for them I started to morph my services into a business. Currently, DOG KARMA offers 5 different toy breeds while limiting our breeds to those which fall under 30 lbs. full grown. I've always intentionally liked & offered breeds which would be good for the whole family. The love for our fellow canines started with my mother. She bred Shetland Sheepdogs (little mini ``Lassie`` dogs) growing up & so the sounds of dogs playing in the house became second nature. When other kids in my class started getting involved with 4H and science projects, I started helping my mother raise our puppies. I began dabbling in puppy photography as an 8 year old – I can remember moving to videotaping them when we got our first home camcorder in the mid 90's. I loved naming the puppies and helping take care of them – even if it meant going to my mom's AKC shows and falling asleep in our lawn chairs. My mother has been a highly respected breeder & trainer for almost 30 years and her stellar breeding practices have been passed down. We truly care about every single adoption & adopt out only the BEST. We have a 20-point checklist which the pups must meet for me to list them. I would love to hear from you about your search for the right canine– so feel free to drop an email, text or even call. Also, please take a look at our customer referrals for great insight to how others feel about their experience with me. As always, it's my personal stance you look at your local shelter before looking at our pups. Our paperwork you will receive will go over this in detail. Please adopt from a shelter if you're not looking for something specific or to meet a specific allergy need. Shelter pets have TONS OF LOVE to give as I've owned one myself and he was the absolute best! If you can't find what you want at the shelter, then (and only then) come see a pup from us.<br /> Thanks, Jason

Dr. Dorota Pearson
DVM of San Marcos, CA


My first pup was a female Jack Russell named ``Guava Jelly`` which we brought home when I was 6 yrs old! She used to bounce on her hind legs like a circus bear for food. It was so cute. My second dog was a rescued male Staffordshire Terrier named ``Sushi`` we got when I was 8yrs old. My fondest memory with Sushi was him riding co-pilot as we took our horses on trail rides. Professionally, my Aunt is a licensed dog groomer with her own mobile unit which travels to local homes. From 2010 to 2011, I helped her with grooming, ear cleaning, and all other services mobile grooming requires. I feel this helped spark my love for a job where I can help our 4-legged friends. I currently help take care of all the puppies, make sure they get their daily calories, vitamins and meds (if needed). I love what I do, and I look forward to placing these little ones in loving homes.

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